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Did you know that Brazil is among the world’s 10 largest forestry producers?

Brazil completes its mission and becomes one of the world’s 10 largest forest producers. Read our post and learn more!

Did you know that Brazil is among the world’s 10 largest forestry producers?
13 de Outubro de 2022

Brazil has truly set itself apart when it comes to forest producers, as we are among the 10 largest in the world.


As you know, our country is extremely privileged in terms of nature.


Pero Vaz de Caminha, in 1500, wrote to the king of Portugal with news of the discoveries made by Cabral's fleet:


"In this land, everything can be achieved through planting".


With a historic perspective of this message, we today know that the planted forests extend for a total distance of more than 9.8 million hectares throughout our entire country, according to the Brazilian Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock (CNA). 


Given this reality, Brazilian forest producers need to be aware of the possibilities that exist for exporting, thereby improving results for trade balances and generating wealth for the country.


Keep reading this post to learn more.


One of the world’s main forest producers.

According to the Technical Office of Economic Studies for the Northeast (Etene), an agency linked to Banco do Nordeste, in 2020 Brazil held second position in the global ranking of countries with the largest forested areas.


This ranking includes both native and planted areas and obtained the following results:

  • Russia - 815 million hectares,

  • Brazil - 496 million hectares,

  • Canada - 346 million hectares,

  • United States - 309 million hectares,

  • China - 219 million hectares.


The Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services (MDIC) has provided data that demonstrated a 650% growth in Brazilian crude timber exports over the last five years (2017 to 2021).


In 2021, a total of 2.36 million tons of crude timber were exported from Brazil, a result that is representative of the Brazilian agribusiness trade balance.


We are most certainly a major forest producer and the sector continues to contribute to the results that our country experiences with regards to exportation and business activities carried out in foreign markets.


Why export timber to the US?

One of our largest international customers is the United States, where, in addition to raw timber, exports of the following products have also been successful:


  • lumber,

  • frames,

  • plywood,

  • tropical timber,

  • doors,

  • panels,

  • laminates, etc.


The North American market is a major purchasing, which is a key characteristic of its population, and a global leader in consumption.


When we hear that the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the United States is largely driven by families, we must be particularly attentive of this statement, because the American population is most definitely a large-scale consumer.


Selling to the United States is synonymous with profitability. However, great care must be taken, particularly with regards to local legislation and the procedures involved in operations.


And how exactly can we make sure that such careful attention is provided in exporting?

Having access to specialists is an indispensable aspect of business activities for companies that want to achieve success in foreign markets, in which operations require a high level of attention, care and particularly experience.


AMTRANS is a Brazilian company that is recognized and which operates throughout every continent on the planet, with a vast amount of experience in business activities that involve the United States market.


AMTRANS has been operating since 2001 and relies on more than 100 professionals that are trained and ready to carry out export operations in a safe and agile manner, thereby facilitating processes and offering the best cost-benefit ratio available on the market, allowing your company to focus on its core business activities.


AMTRANS’s operations teams and experience on the American marketplace truly sets us apart when it comes to marine exports. According to the Datamar ranking, between 2021 and 2022, we were the second largest exporter in Brazil.


And hundreds of the more than 5,000 customers who rely on our services are forest producers and manufacturers that make use of wood as a raw material.




At AMTRANS, each load, client or project is given individual attention and actions are adapted and made more flexible according to the characteristics and specific nature of each process.


To learn more about exporting timber, visit our website and see what we can do for your business!





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