Here at AMTRANS we believe that each of us need to do our part. It’s the reason why we get involved in the development of our cities and citizens, taking part in major projects and contributing to an ever better world.


A project developed by the Institutional and Thematic Relations Department in the City of Itajaí that aims to recognize and publicly value private initiatives that promote the development of the city. AMTRANS received the Social Stamp in 09 categories.

Pink October

A beleza da cura. Histórias reais. Vida Real

Real stories. Real life.

Pink October does not exist for us to talk about a disease, it exists to value life. This year, we invite these inspiring women to teach us just that.

Geneviève Bernardoni - Show photo
A photographer and Art Director, Geneviève saw photography as a tool for transformation. Her sensitive gaze reveals the true beauty of people that they are often unable to see themselves.

Beatrice Catarina Siqueira - Show photo
“Some of the best stories I know started in a mammogram room. What for many may seem like an irreversible diagnosis, for others it is the beginning of human overcoming.”
“We need to stop thinking that cancer is a sentence. In 18 years in a mammogram room, I've learned more about faith, love and healing than anywhere else.”
For 18 years, Beatrice has had a mission to inform women about breast health. How she handles this process makes all the difference. Early diagnosis is not a sentence. Most of the time, it's the beginning of a new life.

Fabiana Marin Thives - Show photo
"Is that me? There you have it, living proof that with faith everything is possible.”
Fabi is 44 years old and has overcome gestational cancer. Today, in addition to a beautiful daughter, she has rediscovered the beauty and power of her own body.
“I knew I needed to live. Not just for me, but for the daughter I was expecting. We chose to go through this together. I chose love. And it came back multiplied a thousand times for me."
A picture is worth a thousand words.

Sabrina Machado Batista - Show photo
“Despite all the challenges, I've always believed in the cure. And it came. For me, this image represents that.”
Sabrina is 32 years old and after the experience of breast cancer, she learned to value every minute of life even more.
"I chose to live like a sunflower turned to the light."
Life likes those who like to be alive. There are the strong women and those who have not yet discovered their strength. Be unafraid. Pink October does not exist for us to focus on the disease, it exists to value life. No matter your age, know yourself. Take the self-examination and keep your routine exams up to date. Early diagnosis saves lives. Click and watch our campaign!

Click and watch our campaign!

Results 2021

Women's Network to Fight Cancer in Itajaí
We donated 02 laptops and 1,000 pairs of disposable gloves.

Women's League to Fight Cancer in Rio Grande do Sul
We contributed a cash amount to pay for the transportation of patients.

ALICC - Limeirense Association to Combat Cancer
We donated 7 breast prostheses.

FACDD Solidarity Center We contributed with a cash amount to buy food baskets.

XTEAM Project
We contributed with food baskets.

Flor é Ser Project We contributed products for 40 kits sent to newborns.

Making a better world.
Also move us.

Friendly Seal

"Friendly Seal" is a movement created by aluminum recycling companies that aims to help people with physical disabilities. Every 140 (one hundred) 2-liter pet bottles (filled with aluminum seals) can be exchanged for a wheelchair.

AMTRANS is a collection point and so far we have collected 5,000 seals. We will continue to contribute looking to always raise this number.


"Our future is now!"
We joined the movement that aims to help people and organisations to implement Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). This significantly contributes for us to staying focused on our daily actions that lead us towards a better, socially inclusive, environmentally sustainable and economically balanced society .#WeareSDG


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Member of

Lognet Global
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