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Recently ranked, by DataWeek as TOP 10 freight forwarders in Brazil, AMTrans is able to assist you in every port and airport in Brazil.

Since 2001 in the market, we count with a highly experienced and well connected team.

Having transparency and fast reply as our way of working, our slogan comes alive during every follow up when sharing our business status.

With a road transport service, we can not only streamline the process, but also ensure that our quality will be met from the beginning of our shipments to the end.

We are flexible to attend every business needs, from an early pick up to an EDI link between our softwares.

Connecting our knowledge, strength and people, we can guarantee that you can count on us as your agent.

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Here we believe our partners are an extension to our company. Our strong and long-lasting partnerships are the secret to our constant evolution and success. When routing order is the matter, your entire operation is in good hands. From pricing to negotiation, up to cargo delivery at your door. Every step is carefully handled by us, through our own TLD, operations and inland in-house team.

Pricing &

Nuestro experimentado equipo de precios tiene una relación cercana y profesional con los transportistas y aerolíneas. Desde envíos puntuales, licitaciones a largo plazo o carga de proyectos, estamos sumamente comprometidos con encontrar la mejor solución de costo-beneficio.


We always care. This is our spirit and what moves us to treat each opportunity in a unique way. Our TLD team not only acquires new clients, we also earn their loyalty. This personal approach has helped us to develop specialised teams in different market segments. And we do whatever it takes to meet their expectations.

& Financial

Our operations team knows that being transparent in each step of your shipment and guaranteeing the best treatment to all our valuable partners are the keys to great success and growth. Our financial team is very organized and focused in order to assure accuracy and swiftness for each shipment, saving time and money.

In AMTRANS you can trust

AEO is synonymous with business security, agility and predictability. One of the greatest recognitions that a company can achieve. In addition to reducing costs and risks in all operations. We are proudly an AEO company. Because, for us, trust is still the most valuable currency.

Member of

WCA World
WCA Inter Global
Security Cargo Network
Freight Book

Member of

WCA Inter Global
WCA World
Security Cargo Network
Freight Book



Rua Laguna, 157, 2º andar
Edifício Riverside Empresarial
Fazenda, Itajaí, SC, CEP 88301-460
+55 47 3249-8700


Rua Emerson José Moreira, 1710
Chácara Primavera
Campinas, São Paulo, CEP 13087-441
+55 19 3451-2153


Av. Nilo Peçanha, 3228 - 2º andar
Chácara das Pedras - Atum Coworking
Porto Alegre, RS - CEP 91330-001
+55 51 3463-4407