Investment holding Quattuor announces acquisition of Rentalog Global Logistics

Operation will increase Quattuor Holding’s market share and services in the area of international logistics

Investment holding Quattuor announces acquisition of Rentalog Global Logistics
10 de Setembro de 2021

Quattuor Holding, which already had DC Logistics Brasil and AMTrans Logistics under its control, has recently announced its acquisition of Rentalog Global Logistics. The company adds expertise and Quattour will maintain its operations individually despite each company focusing as a whole on offering the best possible service in foreign trade, expanding its presence nationwide, and guaranteeing best practices at the global level.

The addition of Rentalog Global Logistics points towards the path that Quattuor Holding has set out for the future: an increase in market share with sustainable client growth. “We will honor the history of each company, aligning them with our objectives, expanding our network of operations and building, together, the best way of doing business, which is with a focus on people”, affirmed businessperson Ivo Mafra, Quattuor Holding’s shareholder.

Founded in 2012 in Itajaí, in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina, Rentalog’s mission is to provide a secure, profitable, and competitive service, offering complete client satisfaction, developing transparent and lucrative partnerships, and quickly established itself as a point of reference the marketplace. Quattuor took note of the opportunity that existed and is seeking to foster an increase in market share by pursuing the 7-27. Rentalog, for its part, analyzed market tendencies and saw that the best means of obtaining growth was through building synergy with Quattuor. It was an opportunity for partners whose main concern is the continuity of the company and its people.

Mafra strongly believes in the integration of businesses, allying the expertise and tools of each company in order to provide more efficient services, with customized services and a portfolio that offers greater possibilities. “This is a step that we were carefully planning while observing companies in the marketplace with a great potential to be aggregated. This consolidation reinforces our desire to meet the demands of Comex, prioritizing clients and maintaining the organization culture of each one of our group’s companies,” Mafra continued.

The companies part of Quattuor Holding

DC Logistics Brasil

Founded in 1994 to carry out activities involved in international transport logistics management, DC Logistics Brasil offers exceptional services that set it apart from other companies in the marketplace. Its operations include 12 company offices spread throughout Brazil and its influence covers important connections between major national and international logistics hubs. Throughout the decades, DC Logistics Brasil has operated at the highest level, something that has guaranteed the company important recognition both in Brazil and overseas, such as, for example, Infraero's Logistics Efficiency Award 2018 and WCA World’s Best Partner Worldwide, for which it was selected as the best global partner eight times. Detailed information about DC Logistics Brasil can be found at the website

AMTrans Logistics

AMTrans has been active in international transport logistics management since 2001, reaching the important mark of being among the major independent agents for the movement of container in the country. It has three company offices spread throughout Brazil, providing its operations with a high level of agility.  More information on AMTrans Logistics can be found at the website

Rentalog Global Logistics

The youngest of the companies in the holding, Rentalog Global Logistics offers experience and technical professionalism allied with a jovial spirit.  Rentalog was founded on the 2nd of April 2012 and relies on a team that is focused on results and providing high-quality services to clients. The company reinforces its competitiveness on the marketplace through its well-connected network of company agents throughout Europe, Asia, North America, and South America. Rentalog Global Logistics has at its core what Quattuor Holding focuses on: providing solutions that are tailored to be best suited for each client. More information about the company can be found at the website


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